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Comprehensive Strategies for Building Synergies With Human Resource Professionals

January 16, 2018

Is your human resources department an asset or a liability when recruiting lawyers?


Market Trend: The Demand for Corporate Attorneys

December 07, 2017

Corporate lawyers are in demand. Corporate lawyers are in demand across all industries. Those with in-house experience are particularly sought after by..


How To ‘Recruit’ The Best Legal Recruiter For You – Five Points To Consider

November 28, 2017

Choosing a Legal Recruiter is like choosing a doctor. You don’t want to be scrambling for one when you need one. And you want to be judicious in..


“Stretching the Norms”: Diversity as a Recruiting Strategy for Exceptional Legal Talent

November 07, 2017

Women made up 35.7 percent of the legal profession in 2016, and minorities 14.7 percent, both generally upward trends since 2003, with some year-to-year..


TWO STEPPING: When Can A Move To Another Law Firm Aid Your In-House Aspirations?

November 06, 2017

Associates, especially those at top international law firms, are viewing their time spent in private practice as a stepping stone to an in-house career...


MOMENTUM MATTERS: The Top 5 Reasons Why General Counsels and Managing Partners Need To Keep The Hiring Process Moving Forward

November 02, 2017

1.     Momentum matters in the hiring process because the top candidates have multiple job opportunities. We are in a much improved hiring environment and..


The Lawyer As A Valuable Business Partner: The Three C's - Culture; Communication Skills; and Continuum

November 02, 2017

Association of Corporate Counsel, New Jersey Chapter and Princeton Legal Search Group sponsored a panel with three top in-house lawyers from New Jersey..


Market Trend: Regulatory Attorneys in Demand

October 03, 2017

Regulatory lawyers are in demand. Across all industries, regulatory lawyers are in demand. We are seeing the demand in the pharmaceutical, medical device,..


How to Go In-House without “Prior In-House Experience”

October 01, 2017

As recruiters talking to candidates daily, we hear it all of the time- “I want to go in-house.” For a majority of the in-house positions available,..


Getting Traction In Your In-House Search: Start With Your Resume

September 24, 2017

Making the transition from a law firm position to an in-house counsel position is not usually a quick and easy process! There is an abundance of qualified..

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