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Hiring Attorneys as a Reliable, Ongoing Process

March 22, 2018

If a member of your legal team has ever resigned at the worst possible moment, the memory of the stress on you and your department likely was present for..


Market Report: The Realities Of Going In-House As A Litigator

March 15, 2018

Litigators with a specialized skillset fare better in the in-house market.  One of the impressive traits of general litigators is their ability to become..


When Should You Pick Up The Phone During Your Career Search?

February 13, 2018

The phone is an obstacle for many professionals and is becoming more obsolete for younger professionals. There are scenarios in the search process where a..


You’re in the Home Stretch: Definitive Strategies To Keep Your Recruiting Process on Track

February 07, 2018

Before accepting an offer, job seekers take into account these five factors, starting with most important: salary/compensation, career growth, work-life..


Four Mistakes Employers Make When Extending A Job Offer

January 30, 2018

You’ve completed the final round of interviews of a stellar lawyer who will add depth and breadth to your legal department. Your internal business clients..


Comprehensive Strategies for Building Synergies With Human Resource Professionals

January 16, 2018

Is your human resources department an asset or a liability when recruiting lawyers?


Market Trend: The Demand for Corporate Attorneys

December 07, 2017

Corporate lawyers are in demand. Corporate lawyers are in demand across all industries. Those with in-house experience are particularly sought after by..


How To ‘Recruit’ The Best Legal Recruiter For You – Five Points To Consider

November 28, 2017

Choosing a Legal Recruiter is like choosing a doctor. You don’t want to be scrambling for one when you need one. And you want to be judicious in..


“Stretching the Norms”: Diversity as a Recruiting Strategy for Exceptional Legal Talent

November 07, 2017

Women made up 35.7 percent of the legal profession in 2016, and minorities 14.7 percent, both generally upward trends since 2003, with some year-to-year..


TWO STEPPING: When Can A Move To Another Law Firm Aid Your In-House Aspirations?

November 06, 2017

Associates, especially those at top international law firms, are viewing their time spent in private practice as a stepping stone to an in-house career...

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